Mark’s interest in photography began back in 2005, when Australian friends visiting Suffolk took some snapshots of fishing boats on Aldeburgh beach using a simple digital compact.


Inspired by these images and having enjoyed drawing and painting as a youngster, Mark hoped to rekindle his creativity by pursuing this newly discovered interest in digital photography.  He purchased a digital compact, which was soon to be superseded by DSLR cameras as he wished to learn more about the technical side of photography.  Positive feedback on his photos from friends, family and colleagues fuelled his enthusiasm further.


Mark lives in Bury St Edmunds, where he balances his love of teaching French and German with his interest in photography. He describes himself as a self-taught hobby-photographer. He has learnt much from reading books, surfing the Internet and from simply looking at other people's photographs with a critical eye to see what makes it a good photo or not. 


“My photography is a complete hobby and helps me maintain a work-life balance,” he says. “As a linguist, I naturally enjoy exploring other countries and their cultures.  I have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places and am not happy unless I return from a trip abroad with a memory card or two full of photos that, I hope, give the viewer an insight into the local colour of the area.”


Mark particularly enjoys photographing monuments, landmarks and landscapes where architecture is a prominent feature, and the challenge is to find an interesting point of view or composition.  He tends to favour bold, vibrant colours which have become a trademark of his work.  


His images have been widely published in local and national magazines, on postcards, in calendars, in travel guides and in tourist brochures both here and abroad.  These can be seen in his Publications gallery.  Mark's first photographic book, Portrait of Suffolk, was published in April 2010. His latest book, Colours of Suffolk, was published in April 2018 by Halsgrove.


The images on this site are low-resolution photographs for illustration purposes only. Most of the images have been taken in RAW format, ensuring the best available quality. Mark is constantly adding new photos to this site, particularly to the Suffolk gallery. Click on Latest to check out his most recent news and images.  We hope you enjoy browsing this site. If you would like to purchase a print or use one of Mark's images in a publication, please feel free to get in touch via the form on the Contact page to discuss your requirements.